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Situated just 5 minutes away from the heart of Cabramatta, Sydney, the Qing Fong Dragon & Lion Dance Team is a non-for-profit community organisation which combines our passion for lion dancing with the craft of showmanship to perform amazing acrobatic stunts and performances. 


Established in 2018, the Qing Fong Dragon & Lion Dance Team was founded through passion and love for the art of lion dancing.

Based in Bonnyrigg, NSW - just five minutes away from the heart of Cabramatta, Sydney's 'Taste of Asia' - we are a local non-for-profit community organisation with a growing team of over 60 members.

With weekly training sessions, our team trains and performs at the highest level, performing at hundreds of locations around Sydney.

Nurturing young talent, our team consists of passionate students who come together to learn about the art of lion dancing. Through our training, we also help our members develop essential life skills like discipline, respect, loyalty and honour.

Family Team

We are a family team who show respect, kindness and loyalty to each other, and to the community.

Always pushing each other to do better, our members are not just friends, but are family.

For many of our members, people who they have met through our team have become their closest friends. 

Good Cause

As  a non-for-profit organisation, all proceeds go towards funding our team and supporting the community.

Your contributions help us continue our efforts in positively impacting

the community.

Above this, we do charity work - donating and fundraising for other charities and supporting local organisations like our local temple.

“It always seems impossible until it’s d
Our Passion

Dedicating our time to train multiple times a week, lion dancing is our passion.

This passion combined with the craft of showmanship has pushed us towards becoming one of the fastest growing lion dance teams in Sydney.

Such passion and love pushes us towards excellence every time we perform and train.

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